CNC Roll Turning Lathe Machines

The machine is used for the processing of the heavy and hard roll, turning of the outer circle, the roll neck, etc. The machine is equipped with the latest Siemens CNC controller and components along with special and customized software for the processing of the rolls.

The bed of the machine adopts a rectangular guide rail, which has a strong bearing capacity, good rigidity, and can withstand large cutting torque.

The main drive system is automatic step less speed change, wide speed range, equipped with SIEMENS-828D numerical control system, safe and reliable, vertical and horizontal The tangential feed is driven by the servo motor to form the ball screw, which is semi-closed and equipped with LCD display.

The system has the characteristics of tool compensation, graphic display, fault diagnosis, and fast programming.

The machine layout is compact and reasonable, pleasant and pleasant.

Adhesive with high abrasion resistance soft belt, improve machine life and accuracy to maintain performance.