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OBS Managing Director has a over 25 years’ experience of sales, service, installation of equipment, coverage of equipment under/after the warranty periods.

He served the above services to around 100 steel plants since 1991 being his steel sector clientele and have direct good business contacts with these steel mills.

Some reference are as mentioned hereunder:

Mughal Steel, Shalimar & New Shalimar Steel, Karim Aziz, Fazal Industries, Hattar Industries, Nomee Steel. Karachi Re-rolling Steel, Agha Steel. Amreli Steel, Razzaque Steel, Abbas Steel, Al-Shafi Steel, Ishtiaq Steel, Punjab Concast, Kamran Steel, Mehboob Steel, Afco Steel, Madina Sugar/Steel, Ittehad & Khadim Steel, Mat Cast, Batal Steel, Mehbood Steel, Pakistan Steel, Pak Iron, Pak Steel  and so on….


OBS is a complete one window solution company for the steel mills offering from induction/arc Furnaces, CCM, Direct rolling, production/work shop equipment such as CNC roll lathes, CNC roll notching branding engraving, stamping machines, Magnets, Cranes, grabbers, temperature measurement instruments and consumables etc. etc. and of course last but not least the complete solution for the QC lab equipment with comprehensive technical back up support during and after the warranty periods through our highly experienced foreign/OEM trained service engineers having over fifteen years experience in installation, commissioning and on-site operator’s training on these types of analytical instruments . 

Please also be informed that, along with the steel plant equipment, we also offer the technical consultancy services with solution to the steel mill/plants (new / running / going under expansion etc…) through our highly experienced metallurgists in melting and rolling having over fifteen years practical experience on the shop floor at various steel plants in Pakistan including the Pakistan Steel Mills.